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Visit Santiago Cathedral Covers

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Visitas Catedral de Santiago

  1. Visit to the Cathedral covers includes two consecutive guided tours: the Thepalais Archbishop Gelmírez and climb to the roof of the temple.

A completely different way and original know a city is enjoying the views from the most emblematic building.  In this case we will talk about the visit to the roof of the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela.

Access is by the Palace of Gelmírez, considered one of the main civil buildings of Romanesque art in Spain and center of the feudal power of the spiritual shepherds of Santiago and its region exerted. It owes its name to the Archbishop who ordered him to build when his first Palace was destroyed three times in the same year of 1117 by the popular uprisings against Royal and religious power. The new building, with access to two squares, become accommodation to receive with dignity to the Kings, Princes and magnates who visited Santiago.

With added Gothic and Renaissance, and a Baroque facade that covers it, this Romanesque Palace displays his weapons room (s. XII-XIII), stables and a hallway of the s. XIII where dismantling the Archbishop and the Knights; the kitchen of the s. XII and especially the large Synodal Hall, built in s. XIII for hearings and receptions of the prelate. There is an amazing vault of 32 metres in length, whose shelves are decorated with scenes of a lively medieval feast.

After the climb the narrow stairs of the Tower, appear impressive staggered covers of the Cathedral, which is run in its entirety. This sky of stone offers the unique opportunity to understand the different stages of construction of the temple; have its towers, domes and pinnacles to the fingertips and enjoy excellent perspectives on the monumental squares. Almost 300 meters, 30 meters above the Plaza del Obradoiro and with a field of view of 360 degrees, gaze glides across the rooftops and is lost in the surrounding mountains in an unforgettable vision.

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