Useful information about the Camino of Saint James Pilgrimage and Santiago de Compostela

Parks and gardens 2: Bonaval

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Santiago is a city of stone, a granite grey city drenched by the rain, or a golden city when the stone reflects the summer sun ... The topic remains and pilgrims won’t be disappoint when comes to the historic area, but the scrupulous care that there levied on each floor or bed of small squares and cloisters, they will announce a parallel reality: the green city, huge parks and gardens, thanks to secular gardens of monasteries and respect for their municipality for its facet " rural ", today embrace the heart of Compostela.

The new landscaping is allied with history in Bonaval Park

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Parks and gardens 1: The Alameda

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Having arrived in Compostela, pilgrims have to perform certain rituals: to collect the Compostela, to attend the Pilgrim’s Mass... But where should you go if you want peace and quiet? Where can you sleep under a tree? Where can you chat and say goodbye to your fellow travellers? Where, finally, can you set your feet free from their inseparable boots?

Historical parks and gardens: The Alameda


Tapas in Franco Street

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The "Rua do Franco" is one of the busiest streets of Santiago de Compostela.

One reason is because it is in the heart of the city and leads to the Plaza del Obradoiro. But the big attraction are the bars and restaurants offering traditional Galician us high quality products.


Plaza Abastos Market

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The Market Square of Santiago is located in the historic town of Santiago, in fact it is the second most visited city after the Cathedral. About five million square feet of commercial activity, mainly fresh produce. Brimming with activity and possibilities, the square offers a unique environment where your shopping done, so take some churros as a seafood, or enjoy a typical octopus "a feira".

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