Useful information about the Camino of Saint James Pilgrimage and Santiago de Compostela

Be ready for the route


Many people who are considering doing the road but are only used to make casual outings or weekend. The senaciones are very different from the way and we're not loaded with backpacks, no other firm (asphalt, dirt, trails, ...) in constant ups and downs, and spend days in a row without rest route.

The road will require persistence and perseverance, we will be able to continue day after day and so on to get our challenge.

For all that is important to prepare physically but not only in the physical sense as the Camino de Santiago is also a mental challenge.

It is advisable to training sorties before the route with the material that will be used during the route.

Equipping with load, shoes, etc.. and that every detail will be different if we do otherwise.

The more prepared physically go to the road, the more you will enjoy the journey and will be watching less problems or suffering. Put another way, the more we suffer least we can devote to enjoy what you're doing: watching the tour, sensations of our adventure, ...

During training not only have to focus on being physically strong but you have to take care of details such as: stay long up to the saddle (if we cycle), spend hours standing (we walk), learn to be conservative and to empty energy as a competition but progressively move forward, etc..


Weight is an important factor in our adventure. It is convenient to be well equipped and prepared for any contingency. Also, depending on the time of year, it is important to bring the appropriate clothing to protect us from adverse weather.

We must not fall into the trap of trying to carry too much unnecessary stuff. In the French way populations are very close and almost all services are available, so if you need some medicine, batteries, etc.. we buy along the way.

The weight condition us in our progress and we should get used to this. The Camino de Santiago will require tenacity and endurance. Based on that we must always be very conservative and cautious decision making and forecasting. If, for example, you are injured in the early stages, the injury can worsen other way and even make you leave. So you have to be very conservative in terms of rhythms. Energy reserves that the road is long. Learn to relax, enjoy the scenery, take pictures, talk to people, accumulating memories of this wonderful experience.


Minimum material that is important to bring:

Minimum material that is important to bring:
Health cards
Identification Card (ID or Passport)
Some cash.
Credit Card.
Sleeping bag or sheet, pillowcase for a travel pillow mat, (sometimes you have to sleep on the floor for lack of space)
Small towel, soap and toiletries.
Plugs "snoring"
Clothing appropriate to the season, two or three changes.
Comfortable walking shoes and flip flops or shoes off.
Cap or hat and sunglasses.
Pocket knife and flashlight.
Guide and map of the Camino.
Mini kit with sunscreen, cream or petroleum jelly to the chafing of the feet, plasters
Better water bottle or canteen
Cutlery and plastic or metal cup.
Mobile phone and charger.

Ultreia Ring

Anillos Ultreia Rings Camino de Santiago

Jewels of the Camino

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Joyas del Camino

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