Useful information about the Camino of Saint James Pilgrimage and Santiago de Compostela

Along the Way


It is very important, especially if you do the route in summer, care to maximize hydration.

We come prepared with liquid at all times. Sports drinks are good but water also hydrates perfectly common and most sections of the road French find sources that fill our canteens.

Is advisable endorsed with a pair of water containers.

Typical envelope naranje TANG lemon or can help us recover more quickly and forces that lead sugar, give a refreshing taste to the water and make it more palatable. Another advantage is that weigh nothing and can fill with about 2 liters of water.

It is best to drink before thirst and drinks to children during our tour.

As for food, it's best to make a good breakfast, eat a snack or a snack at noon and make a meal reserved for regulation to the afternoon / evening.

Everywhere we find the typical pilgrim's menu for between 8 and 12 euros, which usually consists of two courses and dessert.

Dinner is advised not too late, not going to bed just eaten. The restaurants are usually adapted to the times of the hostels (they close at 22h) and dinner are served from 19:00 h.

During the tour must be provided with algúno other candy, to go eating from time to time and do not take the typical pájaras, go great cereal bars, nuts, bananas, dates, ...

You can also bring some candy or a simple lump of sugar (we'll go sucking) for times of high effort to achieve quickly regain strength. Preparations sold specifically for this purpose also serve more would not go prepared with 3 or 4 envelopes for the entire journey.


The Camino de Santiago is not a carrefa to the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. You could fall into the mistake of trying to get there before anyone else, to do it in fewer days than did the other person or the like. This would not be good. It is best to broad goals to avoid having to make the trip in a hurry.

Avoid putting a fixed stage finish each day. One thing is to have the intention of stopping at one site because you want to see something specific, or because you have better accommodation other is obsessed with getting. It is best to be flexible and adapt to the end of the stage, to your strength, weather and shelter possibilities.

One of the premises to enjoy the full path is: getting up in the morning with no other concern than that of moving forward with the speed dial you what you go find the eating when you're hungry and rest when I need. If you get that, you have managed to fully enjoy your way.


Perhaps the expression "two's a crowd" is exaggerated, but it is a way of advising to go it alone (without people in your inner circle). Along the way you will not be alone or alone, many people will agree with you to experience one of the most rewarding experiences of the road: contact with people coming from around the world with whom to share experiences and dreams.

Larger groups are closed in themselves and not let others inteactúen with them.

In solitary routes as the route of silver or North road, if someone recommended the company from the beginning, as they are not heavily traveled routes.


The Camino de Santiago is a busy route. These roads, rocks, trees, ... be admired and traveled by other staff. It is one of the most clean and free of debris that can be found in Spain. Pilgrims are very civilized and educated people that make the route a role in everyday life.

Be consistent and be careful not to throw anything on the floor and keep it as clean as possible todfo. The Camino de Santiago is wonderful that route for other people following us.