Useful information about the Camino of Saint James Pilgrimage and Santiago de Compostela

The Camino on horseback

An alternative way to do the Camino, there are guides to the Camino de Santiago horse nor find much information.

But you can see the websites about The Camino riding horses  whose links appear below. There you can see the experiences of other pilgrims and tips for planning your Camino.

El camino de Santiago a Caballo Blog about The Way by a horse

The Camino riding horses Camino Peregrino Horse Website


Compos - SD Compostela - ElCaminoTheWay


Ultreia Camino Pilgrims Ring

Ultreia Camino de Santiago Rings Anillos Alianzas

Camino Crafts

Concha Camino Santiago Compostela - - Berenguela (Praza Praterias 8 Santiago de Compostela)

Workshop English Language Academy